President John Mahama

Former Attorney General and a founding member of the ruling National Democratic Congress Martin Amidu is urging Ghanaians to vote against the party in the upcoming elections.

According to him, the NDC government led by President John Mahama must be changed in order to make the nation progress.

In a statement on the upcoming polls Tuesday, Mr Amidu urged Ghanaians to put the nation first as they go to the polls in December.

He said although the ideal situation would be to advocate the removal of the EC chair, that appears to be too late in the day, with less than a month to the polls.

“It is too late in the month to advocate in defence of the Constitution for a reorganization of the Commission before the election, or for the impeachment of the Commissioner. This should be the task immediately after the 2016 elections – conducted by responsible members of the media, civil society, and civil society organizations who love the Republic of Ghana’s constitutional and democratic dispensation of free, fair and transparent political representation for elections and referenda. We need to put Ghana First and work tirelessly for change of governance at this year’s presidential election,” he wrote.

He continued: “Before then, let us watch the rigging agenda of the Commissioner and her mentors during the remaining election period. She has already engineered elections in such a way that a good six weeks have been lost for the campaign period of the NDP, PPP, and the PNC. Her actions affect the equal right and facilities for political campaigning mandatorily enjoined by the Constitution. Fellow citizens be alert to the Commissioner’s other tricks. The Commissioner cannot be trusted to fairly implement her mandate under the 1992 Constitution without vigilance on our part. We must defend the Constitution!”.

Source:Ghana/ Danso Acheampong