Of the many, many things that today’s leaders are expected to do, one of the most sought-after abilities in a leader is someone who can motivate and support his/her direct reports; it helps bring out the best in them and also help achieve maximum results.

Potentials and synergy is brought to bear when people are empowered especially with the right. There might be mistakes initially which is part of the learning process but once they pick up; they are good to go without any support.

The ability to tap into the collective insights, experiences, and talents of your direct reports have become a those you lead has become an instrumental force in ascertaining the company’s capacity on adjusting and respond to the changing needs of today’s global market as well as preparing the younger generation for leadership roles moving into the future.

The only challenge is where the focus should be – employee engagement activities, productivity, communication, team building, technology, internal processes amongst others. There are a lot of information on how to empower people to succeed in any field of endeavor; let’s consider the below;

Communicate your vision, mission and values to the team
Develop a winning strategy and communicate same to clearly
Listen and listening to more of what your employees say
Help your team to succeed
Encourage team building/work
Give enough credit and reprimand when need be
Learn to motivate your team
Develop proper organizational structure/corporate governance
Set clear and realistic targets
Develop an effective and efficient performance management system
Deal with difficult conversations with your employees
Address any negativity upfront; don’t allow it to fester
Deploy a lot of technology
Take ultimate responsibility for bad moments and share praise with entire team
Give real time feedback

In the end, one significant impact any leader can register with his/her direct reports is to let them know and believe that they have the potential to succeed and that you expect great and remarkable results from them. It should be made clear to them that they will be sitting in your position and they cannot fail those learning from them and for that reason they need to be hungry for success.

Without question, there’s nothing more powerful in inspiring those you lead to challenge themselves – and in particular, challenge their assumptions of what they can accomplish – than knowing that those in charge not only believe in you, but are cheering them on to succeed beyond all measures and obstacles. Let them know that success should be their only song in every assignment they undertake. The task might be challenging but with perseverance, endurance and keeping the focus; success is assured.

By Bright Okyere| Twitter: hrtodayghana35 Facebook: hrtoday Ghana | Email: hrtodayghana@gmail.com | Whatsapp: 0244204664