The John Dramani Mahama campaign spokesperson Joyce Bawa-Mogtari has expressed fears that the NDC presidential candidate can lose the 2016 elections.

Mr. Mahama is seeking a second term in the upcoming December 7 parliamentary and presidential elections.

Answering a question on whether she privately worries that the NDC is likely to lose the election, Bawa-Mogtari told Morning Starr host Nii Arday Clegg that, “that is a normal thing all the time, you are in power…you know you’ve done all the things that it takes to retain power, you do know that President Mahama deserves a second term in office, above all you know that your job depends on President Mahama being retained in office.

“So certainly, every now and then, you are doing something and you know this is great, we are almost there, then you ask yourself ok, we need to get this done…you are always thinking about all these things and certainly I think every individual in politics in our part of the world more than anything does have moments where you actually pinch yourself and ask, are we doing things right, are we almost there and this will be with you until the elections are finally declared.”

The deputy minister of Transport added: “But I do think that President Mahama has accredited himself very well, he’s actually led this country with a lot of humility but I do think that for most Ghanaians they’ve been most appreciative of the efforts he has put in despite the challenges he has faced in his time as President.

“He has listened wherever there has been complaints and I think for some of the challenges even, we need to own them as Ghanaians and work to improve them as we go ahead.

“So I have no doubt that despite the challenges we face in terms of the acrimonious electioneering campaign going on presently, that he’ll definitely succeed and realize his ambition of becoming President for the second and final term.”

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