YouTube Africa has announced Sarkodie as one of the 25 creators across 23 categories who were winners at the first ever 2016 YouTube Sub-Sahara Africa Creator Awards held in South Africa over the weekend.

Sarkodie’s YouTube channel selection was also based on growth in views and engagement over the last six months on YouTube.

Other creator entertainers that won were DiamondPlatnumz, Kansiime Anne, NdaniTV, Mark Angel Comedy, IbakaTV/Nollywood and more.

Sarkodie has racked up more than 59 million views and over 147, 000 loyal subscribers. His channel is managed by MiPROMO Company Limited.

“It’s awesome that so many fans and subscribers log on to my channel to see what we’re up to. I love having that connection with them”, Sarkodie said.

MiPROMO Company Limited is a neo media company specialising in YouTube monetization and Channel management.

A screenshot of Sarkodie's YouTube channel

A screenshot of Sarkodie’s YouTube channel

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