The Chiefs of Assinman Traditional Area of the Central region have threatened to close down the country’s Immigration School located in the area.

The chiefs are livid, complaining the security agency has failed since the inception of the school in 1998 to give admission quota to indigenes.

Addressing the media in Assin Fosu, the president of Assinman Traditional Council Nana Amoah Kuntin condemned the protracted neglect, although one of the conditions for releasing the land to government was to grant them protocol admissions.

Other monetary compensations due them, he added, have also not been paid.

He claimed the government has failed to address their grievances.

Nana Kuntin said recently some 3000 recruits were brought in to be trained at the school, but officials told the chiefs they were Liberians, only to notice later that they were actually Ghanaians.

He served notice the youth will be mobilized to disrupt teaching until the government heed their plea.

Source: Ghana/ Baah-Acheamfour