The Volta regional minister, Helen Adjoa Ntoso, has asked Municipal and District Chief Executives in the region to remain at post, even after the inauguration of the President-elect Nana Akufo-Addo and his NPP government on January 7, 2017.

Speaking at the last meeting of the Volta Regional Coordinating Council in Ho, the minister said all 25 MMDCEs in the region are expected to stay on and perform their duties until they handover to their successors appointed by the new government.

According to her, it will take the new government sometime after its inauguration to nominate new chief executives for the assemblies, and “not until people are nominated and confirmed, our Municipal and District Chief executives are supposed to be at post and work as usual. It might take two or three months, nobody knows and not until I also handover my position, I still remain the Volta regional minister.”

Madam Ntoso who is also the MP for Krachi West, however, warned staff of the various assemblies to comport themselves and cooperate with the MMDCEs to ensure the continuous running of assemblies throughout the transition period.

“Let me tell the technocrats who are working under the chief executives to cooperate with them. We don’t want to hear that, people are refusing to sign documents because they think that, a new government is in power.  If you do that then you have yourselves to blame, because the NDC guys are more than NPP guys in this region, so please comport yourselves as we did in 2009,” she cautioned.

Source: Ghana/ Atsivor