AfroHomes magazine in conjunction with its consulting firm based in Ghana – Brown Spectrum Ghana, has begun a monthly series of mini exhibitions across Europe and America to sell products and services of Ghanaian companies to Ghanaians in the Diaspora.

The event named the “Last Mile initiative” is specifically designed to expose the Ghanaian Diaspora to the broad spectrum of products and services offered by corporate Ghana.

The company believes this initiative is a win-win arrangement for both corporate Ghana and the Ghanaian Diaspora who are often unaware of the immense products and services available in Ghana.

“For us, this initiative is to show the immense market segment available to Ghanaian companies available in the Diaspora,” states Raphael Ofori-Adeniran Adeniran, the publisher of Afro Homes.

The last mile initiative is also aimed at offering a direct sales platform for Ghanaian companies, particularly in the real estate and construction industry, financial services, insurance, furniture and home appliances sector, to connect to millions of Ghanaians living abroad.

“Starting this initiative, we were surprised at the sheer quantum of horrible experiences some Diaspora Ghanaians have encountered trying to invest in Ghana, particularly in the real estate industry, ” Sherwood Amankwa, the Managing Partner of Afro Homes noted.

“Thousands of Ghanaians have become disenchanted by these horrible experience. We are thereby using this Last Mile initiative to encourage Ghanaians in the Diaspora to rekindle their interest in Ghana. That is why our main objective for this initiative is to directly connect them to credible companies in Ghana,” Mr. Amankwah stated.

The first in the series of the event was held in Nuremberg and Dusseldorf in Germany. Afro Homes was enthusiastically received by the Church of Pentecost in Nuremberg and Dusseldorf. The Last Mile initiative also mounted its mini exhibition stand at the Victory Party of the NPP branch in Germany held over the weekend. The company’s first client is Ahenfie Estate, a local Ghanaian real estate developer offering flexible payment options for Ghanaian Diaspora prospecting for properties in Ghana.

Afro Homes is the first ever Diaspora real estate magazine published in Germany to serve the Ghanaian DIaspora.

“Officially there are over 3 million Ghanaians living in the Diaspora, they send billions of dollars of remittances to Ghana yearly, but we believe they could do more if we reassure them of the investment environment in Ghana by linking them to credible companies and institutions in Ghana that they can rely on. The current administration has set up a Diaspora Affairs Department and we hope to soon work with them, and we hope they (the Diaspora Affairs Department) would be as innovative as we all anticipate. We won’t tolerate them becoming yet another talk shop,” Mr. Ofori-Adeniran stated.

Afro Homes says for as little as US $2,500 a month, participating companies can enjoy direct contact with as many as Diaspora Ghanaians in Europe and America.

AfroHomes is currently printing 10,000 copies distributed in many European countries and in the USA.