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Airtel, the Smartphone Network, has launched Ghana’s biggest consumer recharge promotion dubbed ‘Wo MmreƐ Nie!’ to reward and empower its customers to live their dreams to the fullest.

‘Wo MmerƸ Nie, to wits, this is your time, is a recharge promotion to reward customers every time they recharge or top up airtime or purchase data bundles with amazing daily, weekly and monthly prizes. The promotion, which will run over a 90 day period across the country will see the ultimate winners taking home a whopping GHC 325,000 cash prizes at the end of the promo in addition to weekly and monthly cash prizes of GHC 10,000 and GHC 25,000 respectively.

The promotion was launched at the Kaneshie market to a mammoth crowd of excited patrons shouting ‘Ye mmerƸ nie’ meaning ‘it is our time’ a direct response to the promo’s slogan.

Speaking at the launch, Rosy Fynn, Marketing Director of Airtel Ghana said “Ours is a brand that deeply believes in enriching the lives of our customers beyond the provision of telecom and lifestyle solutions. We understand our customers and identify with their aspirations and dreams – they want to make progress in life, they aspire for greater things and they work hard to actualize these aspirations. We want to give them a great start this year to make their dreams come true through the Wo MmerƸ Nie! promotion”.

“This is our way of rewarding our cherished customers for their loyalty, patronage and partnership over the years. For all Airtel customers out there, this promotion is for you. Get on board simply by recharging and winning big. This is your time. Wo MmerƸ Nie!”

Explaining the process behind the promotion, Rosy Fynn said ‘This promotion is open to all prepaid customers on our network. Every time a customer recharges with GHC 2 and above, they will receive points equivalent to the recharged amount. These points accumulate overtime and customers with the highest points stand the chance of winning thousands of weekly and monthly prizes over the promotion period. In addition to this, customers will win instant prizes anytime they top up with GHC 2 and above. All they have to do is to send WIN to 477”.

Daily prizes

Customers with the highest points at the end of every day stand the chance of winning amazing prizes such as free talk time, data bundles, social media bundles and smartphones.

Weekly and Monthly prizes

At the end of every week, the customer with the highest accumulated points walks away with a cash prize of GHC 10,000. A monthly cash prize of GHC 25,000 will be won by customers with the highest accumulated points at the end of every month for the entire duration of the promotion. Thousands of customers will also be rewarded with free talk time, data bundles and smartphones.

Grand prize of GHC 150,000

At the end of the promotion, the customer with the highest points wins the ultimate prize of GHC 150,000.

The first and second runners-up take home a whopping GHC 100,000 and GHC 75,000 respectively.

“This promotion rewards customers just for recharging or topping up. It is that easy, there are no raffles or draws and every prepaid customer stands a chance of winning. The more points you have, the greater your chances of winning. So just keep recharging to build your points and win. It is really that simple”. Rosy Fynn said.

SMS Trivia to build points faster

Customers also have the opportunity to build up points by playing the innovative SMS trivia as part of the promotion. Rosy Fynn explains “customers can shore up their points by participating in the SMS trivia by sending START to 477 to subscribe and answering questions. Every correct answer earns customers 100 points”.

Double points for recharges using Airtel Money

Airtel prepaid customers who recharge or purchase data bundles using Airtel Money automatically receive double points for every recharge worth GHC 2 and above. This is a further boost to customers who use this channel to recharge.

She concluded “Points accumulated weekly and monthly are automatically rolled over to the following month to give every customer an increased chance of winning. Customers can check their accumulated points by sending POINTS to 477. Weekly and monthly cash prizes will be paid to customers via their Airtel Money wallets within 24 hours”.

Wo MmerƸ Nie! promises to transform the lives of Airtel customers across the country with thousands expected to benefit from the amazing prizes at stake every day.

Airtel Ghana has consistently led the telecom industry in the provision of value added and life enriching prepositions across its sub-brands. In December 2016, the company rewarded thousands of its Premier customers with surprise offers, dinners, amazing discounts with benefit partners and discounts on partner Airlines.

Airtel Ghana is the industry leader in data and digital innovation.