The World Customs Organisation has honoured the Ghana Community Network Services Limited (GCNet) for rendering exceptional services to the international customs and trade community in creating a business friendly environment.

The award endorsed by the Secretary General of the World Customs Organisation, Mr. Kunio Mikuriya was received by the General Manager of GCNet, Mr. Alwin Hoegerle on the occasion of the celebration of the 2017 International Customs Day observed in Accra.

It is GCNet’s second customs award this year. The presentation of the award coincided with the celebration of this year’s International Customs Day on January 26, 2017 on the theme Data Analysis for Effective Border Management’, a build-up on last year’s theme. ‘Digital Customs – Progressive Engagement.’

In a response to the citation accompanying the award, Mr. Hoegerle pledged GCNet’s continuous support for and collaboration with all stakeholders to provide the business intelligence services which facilitate faster decision making, ensure strategic interventions and generally deepen the  proactiveness of all players to creating and sustaining a business friendly environment.

“GCNet hopes to tap into opportunities for sustained collaboration with other actors in the Trade eco-system. We feel proud about the delivery of business intelligence services, ensuring availability and accessibility of fair and accurate data that facilitates policy decisions, key to boosting confidence in the trade processes for improved competitiveness and revenue mobilization,” Mr. Hoegerle remarked.

He also reiterated GCNet’s commitment to deepening its partnership with GRA especially the Customs Division and other Divisions to collaborate to create a business friendly environment which will expand base for revenue generation and collection, assuring that “GRA remains our top priority and we will continue to work with you as your partner to help you deliver on your mandate.”

The first award was the Most Dependable Partner award by the Tema Sector Command of the Ghana Revenue Authority – Customs Division.

January 26 is a day set aside by the World Customs Organisation every year to recognise and draw attention to the critical role of Customs organisations the world over in economic development. The Day is observed by Customs administrations in over 180 member states that belong to the global Customs body with various national events to commemorate the occasion.

Meanwhile, Management and staff of GCNet on Friday January 2017, came together at the forecourt of its Head Offices to thank God for His guidance and protection last year. The thanksgiving service is the fourth edition of the annual event instituted by GCNet to show gratitude to God for his unending mercies and grace towards members of staff and management.

Delivering a sermon, Managing Director of the ADB Bank, Rev. Daniel Asiedu urged management and staff to always uphold the character and attitude of thanksgiving since that is the effective means to continually draw on God’s favour and intervention.

Relying on his anchor text in Philippians 4:6-8, Rev. Asiedu noted the art of thanksgiving was an effective weapon for God’s children to exercise in all endeavours to remain conquerors and victorious.

In his welcome statement to staff, Executive Chairman of GCNet, Dr. Nortey Omaboe reminded staff of the values which have guided the operations of the company and urged them to always abide by them.

He said teamwork, integrity, humility and service to mankind were fundamental guiding principles and encouraged staff to continually apply these principles to stay on top of their endeavours.