The 2007 year group of St Thomas Aquinas Old Students Association (Old Toms) has launched a campaign dubbed – #Justice4Patrick – aimed at raising funds for 28-year-old Patrick Yeboah who has been left paralysed after a billboard tumbled on him.

Patrick’s mobility has been truncated after a billboard belonging to Medex Media Company in April 2016 fell on him around the Palace Mall on the Spintex Road in Accra.

The first born of his family, Yeboah is helpless and cannot do anything without the assistance of anyone. The Aquinas old student has been living in pain ever since that fateful day.

The president of the 2007 Old Toms Sammy Obeng said they are dedicating their 10-year anniversary in honour of Yeboah, whose plight first came to the fore in an interview with GHOne TV.

“We learnt that on April 28, 2016, Patrick was on his way out of his home on the Spintex Road and whiles waiting for a vehicle, he said all he could hear was people screaming and he knew there was something heavy on him and it was the billboard from nowhere landing heavily on him and he has been paralysed since then,” Obeng told

Watch Patrick narrating his ordeal with GHOne TV

“Patrick is very optimistic that he will have a better life again and very hopeful that he will get the help of God ultimately to heal him but in all of that also he requires the help of all of us colleague ‘Old Toms’. “If it means flying

Old Toms Giovani Oboubi (L) and Sammy Obeng (R) seek #Justice4Patrick

him out of the country to make sure he gets the best, top-notch, world class medical care, so be it and that’s what we are pursuing,” Mr Obeng said.

“If you look at the social media campaign, you will find an image of Patrick in the gym, a muscular guy before the accident and now you see Patrick and his lower limbs are all virtually dead and his arms almost unfunctional.

“He is aided to pass out urine and apart from that he cannot even pick up the cell phone to make calls; he’s bedridden and therefore wheeled in a wheelchair, lifted up by family to be transported from wheelchair to bed, fed, bathed by family members which is unfortunate,” he added.