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Databank, Ghana’s leading investment bank, has introduced yet another convenient way for Ghanaians to invest towards a better future.

Through the Databank Direct Debit service for Treasury Bills, investors can now top up their 91-day Treasury with GHC 100 or more every month or quarter.

Databank’s Group Chief Marketing Officer, Gillian Hammah, stated that the firm desires to make investing as convenient for clients.

“Part of our mission as a firm is to promote financial literacy by offering a diverse range of products and services to our clients. By providing this other means by which people can top up their 91-day Treasury bill investments, we are taking steps towards fulfilling our mission and bringing convenience and joy to our clients.”

For a client to be able to use this top-up option, he or she will have to sign up for Databank Direct Debit by visiting a Databank branch or partner location. The sign up form can also be made available upon request through email.

This will instruct the client’s bankers to transfer the stated amount into his or her 91-day Treasury bill account with Databank.