Dr. Cadman Atta Mills, brother to late President John Evans Atta Mills, has extolled the founder of Excellence in Broadcasting (EIB) Network , Dr. Kwabena Duffuor, describing him as “…a competent Finance Minister.”

According to him, his brother had a very competent finance minister in the person of Dr. Duffuor during his reign as Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces.

Dr. Atta Mills who served as his brother’s senior presidential advisor said Wednesday on Starr Chat that he worked closely with the former governor of the Bank of Ghana (BoG) and that they had fierce debate on the government’s economic policies.

“[But] I have to admit that I never won very many debate with Kwabena Duffuor,” he told Starr Chat host Bola Ray, revealing the problem was that late president Mills “absolutely loved Kwabena Duffuor.”

The late president, he noted would always tell Dr. Duffuor that “Cadman disagrees with you but don’t mind Cadman. He is a stubborn child.”

“But I mean I made my peace with Kwabena Duffuor,” he said jokingly.

Dr. Atta Mills further revealed that during the presidency of his late brother, he accused Dr. Duffuor of being “a little too gentle with him [late president Mills]” and not always telling him the “ugly truth…because there were a number of ugly truths.”

But Dr. Duffuor would tend to “sugar quote” a few things to the late president who died in 2012.