Angry residents of Bunso junction, a community located along the Accra-Kumasi road in the Eastern region have threatened to block the highway due to the high number of accidents on the road.

According to the residents, the Ghana Highways Authority has been adamant in responding to their calls for the construction of speed rumps at the Bunso Junction stretch of the road.

The residents argue that, several people mostly breadwinners have lost their lives through pedestrian knockdowns by speeding vehicles while several preventable accidents have been recorded in the last few months.

The residents add that architects of the road also failed to construct a footbridge for people to safely cross the road.

The angry residents who demonstrated on Tuesday to express their displeasure over the situation said they will block the roads if speed rumps are not constructed as soon as possible.

According to them, several complaints lodged with the Highway Authorities and their Member of Parliament for the issue to be addressed has yielded no results.