Information Minister Mustapha Hamid
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The pro-NPP vigilante group Delta Force is not an officially recognized group by the New Patriotic Party, Information Minister, Mustapha Hamid has said.

According to the information Minister, even though the party is aware of the existence of the group and used its services during the 2016 elections, their recent actions have greatly embarrassed the party and the image of President Akufo-Addo.

“It is not a body recognized per the constitutional arrangements of our party…there is nothing like Delta Force in the political arrangements of the NPP,” Hamid told Bola Ray on Starr Chat Wednesday.

Asked by the host whether the vigilante group was used in the 2016 elections, Mr. Hamid answered “yes in the Ashanti region where they are based.”

He added: “You see there are all sorts of groups…there were many many groups but what I mean by recognition is that we don’t recognize them as official entities…but we knew that these people exist.

“Their actions as per what they did to the regional security coordinator and what they did in the court premises is contrary to law, unacceptable and condemnable.”

The Delta Force group last week stormed the regional coordinating council and attacked the security coordinator who was appointed by the President. According to the group, the security coordinator was an alien to them since he was not one of them.

13 members of the group were arrested and arraigned before court but some members of the group stormed the court, attacked the judge and freed their colleagues as the Police stood helpless.

The 13 members of the group were on Tuesday fined 2400 each for escaping from lawful custody and also made to sign a bond to be of good behavior for six months.