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Veteran actor Kofi Adjorlolo’s relationship with 26-year-old actress, Victoria Lebene Mekpah is said to be on the rocks.

Victoria has said she ended the relationship with the veteran actor because her father disapproved of it because of the age difference.

The announcement by the two that they had intentions to marry raised eyebrows because of the age difference.

Since her relationship with Mr Adjorlolo, a widower in his late 60s, became public, Lebene, 26, has had to constantly parry concerns about the viability and propriety of the relationship, with many alarmed at the gap between their ages.

More than 40 years the popular actor’s junior, Lebene said she truly loved Mr Adjorlolo and they were set to tie the knot soon.

Victoria told PeaceFMOnline that her father, S.P Victor Mekpah, a retired Chief Superintendent Officer of Ghana Prison Service, was against the relationship from the onset.

She stated that, her family gave her “hell” when her relationship with Adjorlolo went public to the point where she had to choose between her family and her love.

She was “was happy with Kofi,” she said, but that happiness couldn’t be full without support from her family, especially her father.

“I just think that I want to make it up to my father and the reason is that, he hasn’t been in agreement with the wedding and the whole marriage thing going on between me and Kofi Adjorlolo”, Victoria said.

According to “That Ghanaian Diva”, she wanted to make her father proud and couldn’t go against his wishes. Miss Mekpah stated that Adjorlolo was always aware that her father was against their relationship due to the age difference between them.

Mr. Adjorlolo is yet to comment on the matter.

Adjorlolo-Lebene breakup: I knelt down and thanked God – Lutterodt

Meanwhile, counselor George Lutterodt has said he is “very happy” to learn that the relationship between veteran actor Kofi Adjorlolo and Victoria Lebene Mekpah has collapsed, Classfmonline reports.

The controversial marriage counsellor, who was very critical of the relationship, is said to have told Accra News on Thursday that his reaction to the eventual collapse of the relationship was: “…It is God we say thanks to. …When I received the news I knelt down and thanked God for glorifying Himself.”

“If God’s glory has manifested itself in this matter, I say a big thanks to Him so that those who are headstrong will take a leaf from it.”

Mr Lutterodt, who publicly stated on many occasions that the relationship would in no way lead to marriage, said Lebene’s stated reason for the collapse of the relationship was a “lie”, given the pair were a mismatch and Lebene was only a “spoilt girl” bent on bringing “disgrace” to the actor by dating and possibly marrying him – even in the face of advice to quit.

“… I am very happy that there was no marriage. …Last time I met her I told her I would do all that was possible to ensure the union would not be formalised today or tomorrow,” he told Nana Ama Osei Tutu, saying he combined prayers and advice to the young woman to ensure they were no longer an item.

Asked why he was hell-bent on seeing the two not make it to the altar, Counsellor Lutterodt said: “First, Lebene is a child, she is young, and a child breaks the shell of a snail, not a tortoise’s. Such an elderly man like Kofi Adjorlolo, he’s lived a decent life and accomplished a lot. And with his advanced years, even if he has lost his wife, he must marry one who is just as old so that woman can have the patience and empathy to take care of him and his children, if there are any. But for a 26-year-old Lebene who is now growing up and will soon start life and, God willing, get a good man to marry, she says such an elderly man is what she wants? If she is not a spoilt girl, why will she hurl herself at the man for him to propose to her?

“Secondly, any marriage that your parents are asking you not to go into, know that it cannot be a blessed one. But Lebene would not budge in spite of all that has been said. Everyone was afraid to tell her but for me as a change agent, I am doing the work of the one who sent me. If you do not take foolishness away from the heart of a child, she grows up into stupid adult. So when I saw that she was a child and I was older than her, I decided to ride on the word of God and my vocation and rid Lebene’s heart of foolishness.

“I also did not want it [the relationship] to be an example for up and coming youth so that young men who have attained marriageable age do not lose such beautiful women like Lebene to someone who is so old…

“So the one I sought to protect was Lebene so she would not bring disgrace on Kofi Adjorlolo. So I’m happy…”