I wonder why several Ghanaian men are shy to openly declare their licking status. Majority of our men are being licked daily by their wives yet we presume it is only the women who can be licked.

The last time I checked from DOVVSU, the number of men reporting being licked had shot up. I smiled and said to myself ‘good way to go’.

The word licking is apparently a taboo in our basic educational system. The tutors either beat pupils who use such words or brand them spoilt. Ahh well, you cannot fault them.

Growing up I was never a fun of licking and I still don’t enjoy it. Licking is an enemy to my family and myself. But trust me, I used to be licked in my youthful days at Bantama because I was a stubborn girl and that has really helped shape me.

Like fire, licking could be a good and a bad servant. Ecstasy, excitement, pleasure, happiness, fulfilment are a few of the aftermath the act prints on a pro. You could smile your way throughout life after a hefty lick depending on how you improve upon your skills. You could be paralyzed for life as a result of excessive lick.

Maximus Attah, a friend who I presume will forever be in my good books. He will never miss a chance to lick his daughters if they misbehave. To him, that’s the most prudent way of instilling discipline in his teenagers. I used to express my displeasure to such an act. To me, that was a NO. But to my friend, his teenagers responded positively to being LICKED and they have been enjoying a mutual orgasm.

GOSH!!! ‘Menni time’

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel” – according to Maya Angelou.

A lesson I’ve learnt from licking. You will forever remember the sweet pain which obviously will push you to master its skills.

Though I never liked being licked in my infancy, licking my kid sister Marina was a pleasant sight in our cohabitation days. The tears as she begs me to temper justice with mercy yet I wouldn’t budge. All I sought was for her to grow beyond the skills I possess. I abhor Timidity hence Marina couldn’t be one and needed sanctions. Why allow your wife, husband, children etc go wayward when licking could and can correct them? Stop preaching me about the laws and lick the hell outta them.
‘Kw333 menni time’
You seem too excited!!! Let me manage your excitement.
It means:
a severe beating
a severe defeat
a very sound thrashing
or drubbing

hahhahaaha please smile for me. Your annoyance cannot kill a GOAT. SHAME ON YOU.

Stop chuckling and hissing. Channel this same energy you had in reading about how LICKING could be a punishment to reading books that will enrich your knowledge. Broadening your mental horizon would have saved you from this premature excitement. Give me a smile and prepare to join Nana Aba Anamoah on her next RAISING READERS train.