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The Public Relations Officer of the Food and Drugs Authority, James Lartey has blamed residents of Alavanyo for the death of four persons in the community after they consumed poisonous ‘puffer fish’.

According to him, the indigenes were aware of the harmful effects upon the consumption of the poisonous fish.

Mr. Lartey’s comments follow after Alavanya residents died after eating the fish.

“Our officer in the area indicated that when they went around speaking to the market women and indigenes, they all established that it is a fish they are aware should not be consumed, so it is not like the indigenes are not aware…they’re aware that is not supposed to be consumed,” he told Accra-based Kasapa fm.

He added that the FDA would investigate further to find out why the residents, having known the dangerous effects of the consumption of the fish, threw caution to the wind.