The Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Council has initiated moves to eject Lecturers with the Kibi Presbyterian College of Education from government bungalows which have been serving as accommodation for Lecturers for several decades.

The traditional Council has warned to use powers within its purview to forcibly eject the Lecturers for not heeding to several warning letters.

A letter intercepted by Starr News from Ofori Panin Fie with reference number AATC/MLN/2/17 dated 13 June, 2017, signed by Assistant State Secretary, D.M Ofori Atta and addressed to the College, stated that “the Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Council has taken note of your Continuous unlawful occupation of its Land and Structures. The Council is concerned about your blatant refusal to vacate the premises inspite of Consistent warnings and notification.”

The letter added that as a result, the traditional Council has decided that all lawful means will be applied to eject the lecturers from the bungalows.

“That you are to remove yourselves and all your belongings from the premises on or before Wednesday 21 of June 2017. Notice is hereby given that the Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Council will employ all Lawful means to ensure compliance with its orders.”

The intended ejection exercise will displace about 10 Lecturers and their families. This has created anxiety among Lecturers, Management and the entire student Body in the College.

Management of the College worried about the situation are reported to have attempted to engage the traditional council to rescind its decision but have not been successful.

Information gathered by Starr News indicate that, the traditional Council have sold the Area including the bungalows to a private developer.

Meanwhile, the little available land of the college have been destroyed by illegal miners from the Kibi community.


Source: Ghana/ Ansah