The Tema based rapper Kwesi Arthur has revealed that he and his team got attacked when they were shooting the ‘Woara’ video.

“The day of the video we went to Shai hills, we didn’t know we had to go through the authority to get to the venue, we went straight to the hills and you know the people take care of the place. Some people “pull up” on us saying we can’t do this here and we were actually talking to him and he was saying a lot of things.

“We didn’t know what he wanted so we were like okay the sun is going down and we needed sun light for the video. We told him that we want to wrap up the shoot and get back to him. We finished the shoot not knowing he had called the rapid response team and told them that we were poachers and we are shooting.

“He didn’t tell them we are shooting a video he just told them we are shooting so the rapid response team came with guns and stuff and told us to go down as they fired shots,” Kwesi Arthur said.

According to the ‘Grind Day’ rapper, it was like a movie and he thanked God that nothing happened to them

“I was in the car and I heard the gun shots, everyone was scared and they told me that I should just stay calm in the car so I stayed calm in the car, some of my friends were slapped and the white shirt we used for the video got dirty. So yeah it was like a movie, it was crazy but I thank God that nobody got hurt though some were slapped,” he added.


Source: Ghana/ Emmanuel