Armed men suspected to be robbers last Sunday, February 3, attacked and seized weapons from three police officers at a check point in Tamale.

The officers; Samuel Yeboah, Constable Maduku Amoh and Detornu Brigitte were detailed for Operation -Calm Life snap-check duty at Kapkayili at about 7:30pm.

Police sources said three gunmen arrived at the checkpoint in a Saloon car and opened fire on the officers, overpowering them before seizing two AK 47 rifles each loaded with 20 rounds of ammunitions.

The incident has been reported to the regional command.  Attempts to request for comments from the police spokesman have been unsuccessful.

Eyewitness accounts say the officers were caught off guard and could not return fire at the attackers, who fired more than three shots.

“The police were here and they were just looking inside their phones and whatsapping. Then we heard about three warnings shots and later the armed robbers just came and pass,” an eyewitness, a pump attendant told Starr News.

The snap check was near a fuel station that was robbed last year during a robbery surge on Oil Marketing Companies and private residence in the metropolis.

Government through the Northern Regional Coordinating Council last year launched the Operation Calm Life across to respond to a series of deadly attacks carried out by unknown gunmen.

About six people were killed in attacks on fuel stations and motorbike riders in Tamale.


Source: Ghana/ Tanko