Mohammed Haruna
Mohammed Haruna

Patriotic Muslim Front (PMF), a coalition of young Muslim intellectuals, politicians and students are calling for a reduction in the fare for this year’s Hajj pilgrimage as they argue the increment is unjustified.

The Pilgrimage Affairs Office of Ghana (PAOG), in collaboration with Hajj Agents Association, has pegged this year’s Hajj pilgrimage fare at GH¢19,500, an equivalent of $3,500 dollars.

The fare represents a 23 per cent (GH¢ 4,500) increment from last year’s which was GH¢15,000.

Sheikh I.C. Quaye, Chairman of PAOG at a press conference at the Hajj Village in Accra mentioned that the new fare could have been higher but for the intervention by the government to make it affordable for more people to perform the Hajj.

But PMF says the increment should be looked at again.

“What makes it necessary for the board to increase the fare have remained same. The airlines and accommodation and some charges that the Saudi authority renders have been constant,” Convener of the Group Mohammed Haruna argues in his interview with TV3.

Meanwhile I.C Quaye is urging interested pilgrims to pay the money to their respective hajj agents by April 30, 2019. He stressed there would not be extension of the deadline.

Source: Ghanaweb