The current Comm. Min. and former dep. Finance Min. were on Morning Starr for Women's Day

Communications Minister Ursula Owusu-Ekuful has advised young people to develop other interests in their lives in search of happiness than focusing too much on getting married.

She said it important for people to recognize that one can be single and yet very happy in life.

“I keep telling young people that you can be fulfilled even when you are single. You don’t necessarily have to be married to make it. Marriage is good. However, while that is waiting to occur, you can have interests and achieve a lot of things,” she told Francis Abban on the Morning Starr Friday as the world marks International Women’s Day today

She also condemned the practice in Ghana where women are tagged with negativity and suspicions as they climb the corporate ladder.

“We should even out the playing fields through the laws so that equal opportunities are assured. There was a full center spread about me in 2005 describing my whole anatomy as something I couldn’t even relate to.  There are women who are working very hard to make things happen for them. It is time people stop thinking all women who have made it had to sit on the laps of men to get to where they are”.

Also contributing to the discussion, former deputy finance Minister Mona Quartey said society must recognize that women are integral part of the economy and cannot be overlooked.

“Women just have a certain gift for making things happen. Women are a major force and drivers in this economy. The earlier the society accepts that and helps us fight on, the better for us all. Let us not have men who say they want Affirmative Action but when they sit in cabinet meetings, talk of how they can cut some women off.

“Whenever women have networks, they are said to have been having sexual relations with one big man or another. When men have been educated properly, they respect the position and views of women. It is important that men support women and vice versa. Let’s support each other”.

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