Ghanaian-American global public speaker, Mona Lisa Brookshire, née Blay- Miezah is set to premiere  “Becoming the keys” a new Robin Jay inspirational film on April 12 at the Silverbirds Cinemas here in Accra.

‘Becoming the keys’ which features Mona Lisa Brookshire, is writer and producer Robin Jay’s third film in The Key Movie series and is directed and edited by Micheal Su.

The global award-winning movie talks about the seven keys of life which individuals will use to achieve their goals and aspirations in life.

Movie fans will be treated to an exciting cinema experience as they learn from the movie which is a unique hybrid that combines a narrative story and fictional characters interacting with cameos from some of today’s top thought leaders.

These globally acknowledged self-help icons are joined by an outstanding cast of experts, authors, coaches and professional speakers from around the world.

The featured experts and their dramatic stories will inspire, empower and encourage people to embrace the 7 keys, which are Appreciation, Harmony, Passion, Courage, Faith, Vibration and Empathy.

Audiences will appreciate the wisdom, humour and beauty of spirit that this uplifting and inspirational film delivers.

The First Lady of Ghana, Mrs Rebecca Akufo-Addo is expected to grace the occasion with other dignitaries like Dr Joyce Aryee in attendance.

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