The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) in the Volta Region has started moves to enhance collaboration with other security agencies in the region, especially the Customs Division to tighten the frontlines of the country in the wake of terrorism in some neighbouring countries.

Following the recent terrorist attacks in Burkina Faso, which puts Ghana at risk, the Volta Regional Commander of the GIS, Peter Nantuo Esq, with his entourage embarked on a familiarisation tour aimed at enlightening both junior and senior officers of the services of Ghana’s borders with Togo in the region.

The team’s first stopped at Nyive, one of the growing borders in the region and engaged senior officers of the Customs Exercise and Preventive Service (CEPS) and the  Immigration Service in a short meeting on how to work together to stop terrorists infiltrating the country.

Speaking at the meeting, he said there must be no “working conflict between the two sectors, to enable them to collaborate to ensure a standard level of the country’s security since they all work on the frontlines.”

He said working together with the CEPS will help the GIS tackle illegal activities and also track terrorist that may use the smaller borders rather than the bigger entry points.

He was also of a view that it is prudent to have a good relationship with residents on the border towns.

“In line with my vision we must make sure that we improve our relationship with the community rather than seeing them as nobodies….they know the unapproved routes than you, they know the criminals, the smugglers that you will not be able to get, so therefore if we are able to improve our relationship with them the information from them will come back to us and we are going to use that to work for safe Ghana and to improve the economy,” he said.

The Commander with his entourage also visited Shia and Hornuta borders all within the Ho Central and scheduled to continue the tour in other parts.

Source: Ghana/ 103.5FM/ Albert Kuzor