The tea bag is probably one of the most underrated and misinterpreted sex styles in history.  I mean if you even try and do some historical research, you’re sure to stumble upon the likes of tea bagging being perhaps the most domineering of styles by men over women. One source says tea bagging can be an act of male domination which he might use to humiliate his partner and I’d like to chuck that narrative out of the window.

The tea bag sex act is when the man puts his testicles/balls in the mouth of his partner like dipping the tea bag in hot water and perhaps this is where the humiliation is derived. However, what if I put it to you that it doesn’t have to be that boring but firstly let’s change our perception. Could we rather look at the tea bag as an act of service and humility as opposed to humiliation where the woman wants to serve his man tea and she wants to have those bags soak in her mouth for a bit.  Now we have that out of the way.

I spoke to a few men while writing this article for research purposes many hadn’t been tea bagged, those who had not tried it more than once. Some alleged they were too self conscious throughout the act and some just allege the ladies didn’t quite “do the things” Ladies you guys are embarrassing me out there please let’s brush up on our skills, remember there is more to sex than the vagina and the clitoris also it’s not always about you other times you just want to cater for your man and let him know what time it is and such sexual acts like the tea bag can do just that if you learn to do it “right”. Remember the act of any sexual interaction is pleasure so daddy must find pleasure in it otherwise the exercise proves fruitless and if you are lucky he might just start serving the tea involuntarily because the pleasure was that good.

The great thing about tea bagging is that the focus is not on the penis but rather on the testicles/ balls for increased sensation every now and again you may stroke the penis but remember focus on the bags. This is not a blow job! Imagine yourself after a long day and you get home and prepare yourself a lovely pot of your favourite tea? That is how relaxed you should be doing the tea bag unless it’s part of BDSM which is not my focus on this article.

Even though there are a few ways one could have the tea bag I personally find the one where the man is sitting on a free chair/stool and not couch more liberating and exciting. Some prefer to have them standing while others prefer them sitting at the edge of the bed you could have your tea whichever way you like really as long as the desired outcome is achieved which is the males pleasure. Unfortunately for us ladies there isn’t much pleasure except for knowing you’re giving your man a good treat and if he’s a great spot you could find yourself really enjoying playing with those balls like a group of marbles in your mouth. 😅

Now let’s get to the technicalities. When performing the tea bag make sure your man is facing the opposite direction for instance imagine an open space, a chair, him sitting on the chair, you laying on the floor underneath the chair with your upper body out enough to reach for his testicles/balls. Now, if your mouth is dry start hydrating it by giving the testicles a good lick and some kisses also for first timers use your tongue to gently look for sensitive spots ie. More smaller balls in the sack once you have your mouth nice and wet start sucking the testicles gently and do not focus only on one side make sure you cover the entire testicles and then increase the tension slowly by using your tongue to grab on some of the sensitive parts almost as if you’re sucking a lolly do not be shy to make those nom nom nom 😋 sounds in-between they are very vital for the act

Here are some more tips for enjoyable tea bagging by Ellen Scott

For the teabag-holder please make sure your balls are clean.

You should also check if your tea bagger prefers hair free balls or full hair.

If you’re the person receiving the teabag go gently at first and don’t just sit there like a statue move a little in and out.

Remember some like it hot & strong some not too strong, some sweet and some not too sweet so explore and discover what works for you and your partner’s reaction will indicate to you what works for instance when I start using the tongue to suck in the little balls in the bag and I hear more groaning that says to me he likes that, he felt the sensation so I do more of it & if he has little hair growing don’t be shy to pull a little through your teeth while you’re at it. Have fun, role play if you must but by all means enjoy your sex life. Tea anyone? 😝

By Lerato Charlotte Letsoso| Email: