The Kwesimintsim hospital in the Western Region is in dire need of financial support as government is unable to pay its nine months national health insurance payments amounting in excess of 2 million Ghana Cedis.

The Administrator of the facility, Felix Kesse told Empire News’ Emmanuel Ohene-Gyan that the last time the facility received NHIS payment was in August 2018.

“As I speak to you now, we have submitted NHIS claims up to the month of May 2019, we are yet to submit the month of June and the Insurance has paid us up till the month of August 2018. So in effect we are owed nine months for services rendered to National Health Insurance clients, he stated.

He said currently the hospital serves over forty thousand people within and beyond the Effia and Kwesimintsim constituencies and quality health delivery at the hospital is seriously affected because they are in dire need of cash to procure consumables and medicines daily.

“You see visiting the hospital is a daily thing, we see patients everyday and we take care of these patients with consumables and medicines, we maintain the facility and repair them, we have non permanent staff we need to pay, so everyday there is expenditure we have to incur, so obviously when your money is held up for nine months, it’s certainly not a good news,” Mr  Kesse lamented.

Ohene-Gyan reports the Kwesmintsim hospital risks being blacklisted by their suppliers due to its heavy indebtedness.

Source: Ghana/ Ohene Gyan