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Menzgold Ghana Limited has dismissed reports that its CEO Nana Appiah Mensah  faces fresh charges in Dubai.

According to the gold dealership, reports by the ABC News that NAM 1, as their CEO is known, has been sued by a Pakistani national over some $1 million dollars, are false and without basis.

In a statement, Menzgold urged the media to be circumspect about reports regarding the company in order to avoid court suit.

The statement also said the CEO does not owe anyone such amount as the paper is suggesting in the publication.

“The attention of the Management of Menzgold Gh Ltd has been drawn to a News Publication by with the headline ‘MENZGOLD NAM 1 FACES FRESH SUIT IN DUBAI’ that purports to inform the General Public of the opening of a fresh law suit against our CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah after his successful Supreme Court ( Appeal) ruling in Dubai on the 4th July 2019, where he was acquitted and discharged of all charges brought against him by the appellant.

“The publication by ABC News claimed that Nana Appiah Mensah is to commence what seems to be a process of litigation in an attempt to repay an amount owed to certain individual in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

” According to the story, a Pakistani national has sued him over a One Million Dollar ($1m) debt of which our CEO had signed an agreement with this unnamed Pakistani national to settle his indebtedness to him by installment, but the civil court is yet to approve the alleged agreement,” the statement said.

It concluded: “Menzgold would like to inform the General Public, especially its cherished Customers that these claims are completely false, unsubstantiated and without any merit.

“We find this publication very distasteful and only people with malicious intent and hidden destructive agenda will subscribe to this counter-productive method. Menzgold would like to use this opportunity to kindly request journalist worth their story to deploy high journaliatic standards that is centered around facts to prevent such embarrassment”.

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