Former President John Dramani Mahama has admonished Ghanaians to give equal opportunities to persons with disabilities instead of sympathy.

Speaking at the launch of the CEM Ability Village, a charity project focusing on the empowerment of persons with disability (PWDs) to live lives that are more dignified in the society, Mahama said that Persons with Disability do not need sympathy of the society but rather want equal opportunities.

He said such persons want to be recognised and urged society to end all forms of discrimination against them.

He gave examples like the software engineer Farida Bedwei, who has proven that given the opportunity, PWDs can even do better than many with no disability.

Former President Mahama joined Rev. Steve Mensah and his Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry on July 14 to launch the Charity project.

Mahama said Ghana has many legislations intended to help protect and improve the lives of PWDs but enforcement has not been effective.

He has since promised to refocus his attention as the leader of the National Democratic Congress.

The proposed 2,000 acres CEM Ability Village will be a purpose-built community for PWDs in Ningo, in the Greater Accra Region, where PWDs will enjoy full and equal rights, be included and play active roles in society.

Source: Ghana/ Zion Abdul Rauf