Some Ghanaian Entrepreneurs die because they act like celebrities – EMPRETEC Boss

Senior Manager-Training & Business Development at EMPRETEC Ghana, John Ganye has said some Ghanaian entrepreneurs are not able to succeed after 3 years due to the celebrity attitude they adopt.

According to him, the entrepreneurs begin to live flashy lives immediately their business begins to pick up, moving the focus from business growth to personal projection.

“If you are an entrepreneur, your mind; the way you think should be business growth, business expansion, how you would go international. Thinking about your business; investment and all that.

“But if you are an entrepreneur and your focus or your lifestyle is more of a celebrity than doing business, it is a major problem”

For him, many of such business owners spend a lot of money on things that bring little return to their jobs.

“Your business needs cash flow then you go and unlock that money in an expensive vehicle or an expensive watch.”

He said this at the unveiling of the LearnTech My3D program.

The program comes in to address the workforce competency gap in Ghana’s workforce. It is positioned to help public and private institutions achieve sustainable high performance that reflects efficient operation, excellent best practice and good corporate governance, using our highly experienced team of industry and subject experts.

Source: Ghana||103.5FM