Deputy Ashanti Regional Secretary of NDC Mathew kojo Njourkone

The Deputy Regional Secretary of NDC Mathew kojo Njourkone has said the claim by Chairman Wontumi that he used money to influence NDC elections at the Regional, National and parliamentary elections across the country to get his preferred candidates elected is a hoax, mischievous, logically fallacious and should not merit the attention of any well meaning Ghanaian.

Mr Njourkone noted that the timing of Wontumi’s deceptive statement should send the signall that it is calculated to divert attention from the numerous scandals of the NPP government. He strongly bemoaned that, Its sad Comrades Yamoah Ponkor and Gloria Huze couldn’t foresee this and have allowed themselves to be used to amplify the mischief of Wontumi.

“I challenge Wuntumi to swear by his bible and mention names of people he has given money to if indeed it’s true and he is an honest Christian or meet me at any diety of his choice or the famous deity in Ashanti called Antoah anytime or anyday to swear if indeed his claims are true otherwise he should shut up. I’m ready with my schnapp and an egg fully prepared for the test of invocation of the diety to prove his lies,” Njourkone said.

The vociferous Deputy Secretary lamented that, It’s sad some members of the party are allowing a political novice like Wuntumi to succeed in creating mistrust amongst ranks of NDC party faithfuls and thereby knocking heads together.

“Wuntumi has no stake in our NDC affairs. We are focused on working hard for victory and have no time for people who are unrefined and uncouth in their utterances ” he concluded.

Source: Ghana||103.5FM