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Speaker of Parliament Professor Mike Ocquaye says homosexuals need medical and spiritual help.

“Gay people are humans with deviant conduct who should either be treated medically or subjected to spiritual deliverance. The ideas, believes, norms and values that Ghanaians hold about Homosexuality still stronger,” the speaker stated at the maiden Speaker’s Breakfast meeting in Parliament, in Accra Wednesday.

He also noted no part of the Bible or Quran supports homosexuality.

“There is no chapter or verse in the bible or Quran that support Homosexuality”.

Professor Ocquaye who is noted for the dislike for homosexuality however said gays must not be abused.

“Of course, it doesn’t mean they must be killed, it doesn’t mean your arm must be amputated. We don’t do any such thing here. We try to handle the matter; either we teach you medically, or we also handle it psychologically”.

The comments come in the wake of the discussion over the controversial Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

President Akufo-Addo has however assured his government will not allow any “inappropriate” content in the curriculum.

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