Afrobeats musician Kelvynbwoy says Ghanaians mistake confidence for arrogance.

Kelvynbwoy has received bashing on  social media for being proud and arrogant since falling out with his former boss Stonebwoy.

But according to the musician, he is just confident.

“I think first of all Ghanaians mistake confidence for arrogance.

“Secondly as I said in my new song, social media is too fake. There are things going on and these things are not the way you see it when you come close to the person. So it’s like that. I’m not here to try and prove to someone that I’m good. But it’s God,” he told Jon Germain on the Zone on Starr FM.

He went on “it’s always like that, and ever since that negative energy and that negative comments started coming I’m getting shows, I’m getting on, I’m seeing money, I’m progressing and I’m seeing success. So I feel like negative and positive when put together gives power.”

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