Management of a goods trading firm Promaxxe is cautioning the public against activities of some fraudsters operating in the name of the company.

According to management of the firm, which supplies goods from Nigeria to Ghana and vice versa, the fraudsters use mobile money numbers and accounts details of the company to dupe unsuspecting customers in both Ghana and Nigeria.

The company has distanced itself from Stephen Financials and Apex Credit which is alleged   to be responsible for the fraudulent activities.

Speaking to Starr Business, CEO for Promaxxe, Prudence Edah-Taire disclosed a complaint has already been lodged with the Ghana Police Service.

“It has come to our attention that these fraudsters created fake Facebook pages- Stephen financials and Apex credit. We actually got to find out from complaints from victims. These people they want to dupe innocent Ghanaians and innocent Nigerians, they supply our mobile money numbers and our corresponding accounts details.” She said.

“We’re coming out now as a company to say that we don’t know Stephen Financials, we don’t know Apex Credit. We have even reported the issue to the police at the National headquarters for them to be able to track these mobile money numbers that they’ve been using to collect the money.” She added

Miss Taire urged the public to report Facebook pages of the two entities for action in order to stop other innocent people from falling prey.

“In good light we are coming out here to tell you, report Stephen Financials page on Facebook, report Apex Credit’s page on Facebook”.

Touching on the closure of the Nigerian boarder she disclosed the development is affecting business and appealed for immediate resolution.


Source: Ghana/ Alhassan