President Akufo-Addo has challenged all stakeholders in the development of a National Identification database and system to ensure that they guarantee the integrity, security and confidentiality of the identity data of Ghanaians.

The President made the call after touring the Intelligent Card Production Systems (ICPS) Limited, located on the Spintex road, the company responsible for the printing of the National Identification Authority (NIA) Ghana Cards.

In his brief remarks, the President indicated that the “ICPS and all stakeholders in the national identification exercise must continue to ensure the integrity, security and confidentiality of identity data they collect”.

“It is essential that the data collected be made available only to persons or institutions authorized by law to access the data and used only for the purposes for which the data was collected,” President Akufo-Addo said. The President further noted in his statement that the March 2020 deadline for the completion of the registration exercise has to be respected.

Benefits of the Ghana Card

In his address, the President listed a series of benefits that Ghanaians are going to derive from the Ghana Card once it becomes fully operational in the country.

“The benefits of having the Ghana Card do not only include the establishment of proof of one’s identity or citizenship, but they also aid cardholders in the transaction of a wide range of financial, banking and insurance activities and facilitate access to social services in the communications, education and health care sectors” President Akufo-Addo noted.

CEO of Margins/ICPS

Chief Executive Officer of the Margins Group and Intelligent Card Production Systems Limited, Moses Baiden, said the ICPS facility is the largest Secure Card and Document manufacturing facility in Sub Saharan Africa. The facility he says is a world-class ISO 9001 certified company with a production capacity of over 200 million cards a year. He assured the President and by extension the people of Ghana through a live demonstration that the identity data collected on the Ghana Card which is currently an ongoing project in Ghana is secured and cannot be compromised in any way.

Margins/ ICPS

Established in 1990, Margins Group has reached a significant milestone in its history, 2020 marks 30 years of leadership, excellence and innovation in the business of identity. Margins ID Group (MIDG) is a subdivision of Margins Group of Companies and a leading provider of integrated ID solutions in Ghana and beyond. MIDG is comprised of Intelligent Card Production Systems (ICPS), Identity Management Systems (IMS), identity Management Systems II (IMS I) and Margins ID Systems Applications Ltd (MIDSA). Intelligent Card Production Systems Ltd (ICPS) is a leading, award-winning high-security printer and security solutions, provider. Using global standards and practices as a benchmark for its range of products and services, ICPS prides itself in being the hallmark of exceptional quality.


Source: Ghana/ Asare