New lottery operative Wotiriyɛ has in collaboration with the National Lottery Authority (NLA) introduced an exciting mobile phone-based game called *787#.

The goal of this game is to simplify the experience of playing the lottery.

Anyone over 18 years of age with a mobile phone can play and they do not even need to have an expensive phone because the game works with any type of mobile phone.

Followers who want to play and win big at their own convenience simply have to dial *787# and follow the prompts on their mobile phones.

There is a fee of GHC 5.00  to play, and participants can win from 6 different prize categories with weekly wins of up to GHC20,000 and a jackpot that will start at GHC 50,000.

The game is played through the draw of random numbers and winners are determined by matching the selected digits with parts of their mobile phone numbers.

Richard Akoto Bamfo, Head of Customer Experience at Wotiriyɛ Lottery said “we launched this game to offer our customers value for money. The game provides an opportunity for participants to enjoy weekly wins through the convenience of their mobile phones.”

NLA Director General Kofi Osei-Ameyaw said “today is yet another example of the new products that we are bringing on board. So this should be not an expectation but a reality.  This is clear example that new products are coming. And that they should be able to sell the products and see what they can get out of it.”

“At the end of the day we want to bring more products, more technology into the game to make it accessible to people and also to help employ people, also get into other areas in terms of data collection and data mining. Because we are the biggest POS operator in the country, we have the infrastructure that gives us all the network in terms of API we cook the country together and we are on the path. And I think that is how it fits in the tech drive,” he added.

There will be weekly draws and players can win from different prize categories with a one-time participation in the jackpot prize that starts at GHC 50,000”

The game has already run in a pilot program in certain parts of the country, and has been very well received.

Evelyn Addo a seamstress and recent winner from Accra said “it is a great game. I won GHC 20,000 and it was very exciting. I like how easy it is to play just using my mobile phone”.

The public is urged to see the newspapers, listen to the radio and visit the Facebook page for more details on exactly how to play this exciting new *787# game.

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