Engage now Africa (ENA) a Non-Governmental Organization has shown concern for persons with albinism by organising a forum to sensitise and educate them on Skin Cancer.

The Skin Cancer Awareness Forum which took place at The Ghana Rehabilitation Center in Accra yesterday aimed to give first-hand information to persons with albinism on the need to take good care of their skins to prevent any form of diseases.

Speaking to the media, The Education Director of Engage Now Africa (ENA), Francis Yaw Ansah said ENA has started supporting and advocating for the rights of persons with albinism for the past four (4) years in Ghana by teaching them to understand the conditions and care they deserved and also boost their confidence level so as to change the narrative of how society discriminates against them and also provide medical care for them in order to prolong their live spans.

He added that persons with albinism are human beings and they are very brilliant so this has informed ENA to embarked on research findings to see the challenges they face and how best they can resolve them.

Mr. Ansah said ENA is in partnership with Ghana Association of Persons with Albinism (GAPA), Ghana Federation of Disability Organization (GFD) and other Institutions to address issues pertaining to albinism.

He emphasized that, persons with albinism main challenge is not only about stigmatization nor discrimination but rather the sun rays which generate skin cancer for them because they don’t have melanin on their skin. So ENA has provided them with hats, sunscreens lotions and financial assistance to lessen their condition.

He encouraged benevolent individuals and organizations to assist them provide a safe environment for persons with albinism.

Abdul Waheed Ishaq, The President of Ghana Association of Persons with Albinism (GAPA) said he was so excited with the provisions ENA has been giving to his members on daily basis to make them live long.

He promised to keep collaborating with ENA so that with one voice, they can be able to continue raising awareness for persons with albinism which would make them live a longer life in the society.

Mawunyo Yakor-Dagbah, The President of Ghana Federation of Disability Organization (GFD) who chaired the function said She is grateful that ENA is still partnering with them to ensure that there’s equal rights for persons with albinism which is helping the association in various ways.

She urged members of the association to pay necessary attention to the things ENA is doing to help them.

Cecilia Amankwah, The Country Director of Engage now Africa (ENA) in a Speech said ENA is having three legs that is to heal, rescue and uplift individuals from poverty so as part of the healing process, they came on board to offer them with the Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign.

She indicated that everyone is at risk of the negative effect of the sun but persons living with albinism are more at risk due to the lack of Melanin in their system so they should put into practice whatever they have learnt because ENA’s agenda for them is to live long.

Dr. Aryi-Boi, A Dermatologist at the 37 military hospital took the participants through what skin cancer is, causes, symptoms, effects, treatment and prevention.

Adonai Studios also showed a video on the stigmatization and discriminations persons with albinism faces in the society on daily basis and the need to fight for their rights.

Some of the persons with albinism also shared their experiences on the things they have encountered among the public because of their condition.


Source: Ghana/Starrfm.com.gh/103.5FM