Staff of the Meridian Port Services (MPS) have assured players in the Maritime industry and all Ghanaians of excellent and efficient services as they assume operations from Terminal 3 of the Tema Harbour.

According to the staff, the same amount of energy, investment and dedication that helped in lifting the image of the port to a world-class level, while they were in charge of Terminal 2, will be invigorated at Terminal 3.

“We invite all stakeholders within the maritime industry to come and experience the efficient 24-hour service provided by Terminal 3 all year round,” the staff said in a statement.

The statement added: “With a lot of dedication to work, training of the workforce, investments in equipment and technology in Terminal 2, the Terminal positioned Tema Port as one of the most efficient ports in West and Central Africa with good safety and security controls.

“Tema Port has significantly expanded its share of container traffic in West Africa due to the level of services rendered by MPS and we are proud to be a part of this success story over the past 13 years in Terminal 2 and we are excited about our future in Terminal 3.

“With the future of container transportation changing to the use of large vessels, we were very excited when MPS was again positioned to invest in the vision of Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority’s (GPHA) Masterplan for the expansion of the Port of Tema”.

The workers also expressed gratitude for their job security and the many work opportunities that will be available for the future generation through the project.

“We see a future in the generation of more jobs as Tema is plugged into the AfCTA of 1.2 Billion people with a 3 Trillion US Dollar economy.  We see a future in the development of many businesses in and around the Port of Tema just as is currently happening in the Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) Malaysia.

“The economies of scale advantages provided by the large new generation vessels and the positioning of Tema as a first-port-of-call will certainly impact businesses positively and translate into more jobs for the skilled but unemployed youth of Ghana.

“We see a future for Ghanaian farmers and other agro and small scale businesses to be able to export their products throughout Africa and beyond at a much lower cost and with good turnaround times to compete with farmers and businesses from other parts of the continent. The whole nation stands to benefit from this positive ripple effect. Many lives stand to be improved with the creation of wealth and the reduction in cost of goods and services in the long run. A definition of MPS’S corporate slogan, “We Connect, You Thrive”.  Terminal 3 is here to promote employment, economic and social development in our nation Ghana,” it said.

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