At least one Enyimba player was left injured after suspected robbers attacked the club’s bus on Thursday 19th.

Enyimba team was attacked on Thursday while heading back from their NFL fixture against Adamawa United that was staged at Gombe on Wednesday.

As reported by Punchng, the attack took place along the Enugu-Okigwe-Umuahia Expressway in Imo State.

The attack was confirmed by the two-time African champions captain Felix Anyansi-Agwu.

“I was not there, but from what I was briefed, they ran into an attack around Okigwe and robbers smashed their bus glass and it scattered and injured a player inside the bus. They are safe, they are back in Aba. The person that the glass affected had some bruises and was bleeding,” said the captain as quoted by Punchng.

“They left from Jos this morning, I think the road was rough and they got to Okigwe late. The attack happened around 7:45 pm,” he added.

Enyimba registered a 2-0 victory over Adamawa thanks to Stanley Dimgba and Cyril Olisema goals in both halves. However, the Nigeria Professional Football League has been suspended due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.