Chobi Ghana, an agro-input company has donated one thousand N95 masks to the COCOBOD to help protect its workers as they work to preserve Ghana’s major export, Cocoa.

According to the company, since the pandemic will have dire effects on the Ghanaian economy, workers need to be safeguarded as they work tirelessly to prepare for the post-crisis fallback, especially in the cocoa industry.

Chobi Ghana also gave out eight hand-held thermometers.

Meanwhile, the IMF Executive Board has approved a US$1Billion loan under the Rapid Recovery Fund for Ghana, which help manage the economy amid the pandemic.

Also, the Executive Director for the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) Kosi Antwiwaa Yankey has projected that up to two million jobs may be lost in the country.

Making the donation, CEO for Chobi Ghana Jung-Sun Lee remarked “in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, the world has come to an halt. Nevertheless, we should prepare for the post crisis. Cocoa industry being back bone of Ghana’s economy, where millions of lives are dependent on, we should continue with the farming actives”

He went on “in this regard, COCOBOD is doing a great job in maintaining the continuity of the business. In doing so, many workers at COCOBOD are exposed to the virus.”

“Chobi Ghana wishes to support COCOBOD’s effort to protect its workers during the endeavor, by presenting the protection materials. Today we present 1,000 N95 masks and 8 hand-held thermometers. They will help reduce the possibility of transmission as the workers continue with their daily operations,” he added.

Ghana has so far recorded 641 COVID-19 cases with eight deaths. However, 83 people have recovered from the virus after testing negative twice and have returned to their normal lives.

About Chobi Ghana

Chobi Ghana has been supplying Natural Organic Fertilizers and Coco Ahoden to farmers via Cocobod since 2016.

“We believe protecting the cocoa value chain to be essential to well being of Ghanaian farmers and for that matter to our business. We will take every measure to fight against the spread of virus because we all are in this together.”

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