The Chief of Dambai in the newly created Oti Region Nana Kwaku Bianu II has appealed to President Akufo-Addo to give the Dambai College of Education some more attention.

According to Nana Bianu, the infrastructure of the college is no different from that of a primary school.

He said currently there is no water flowing in the school as it lacks hostels. The auditorium is still under construction and an administration block which started four years ago has been left unattended to.

“The second thing we are appealing for is the upgrade of the Dambai College of Education because when you enter the school, the buildings there look like a primary school,” he stated.

Speaking to the DAILY HERITAGE in an interview in his palace in Dambai last Friday, Nana Bianu expressed his gratitude to the President for making Dambai the Regional Captial for the Oti Region and called for more developmental projects.

“Because Dambai is the regional capital, we have begun to see physical development such as road infrastructure, the building of hospital and administration block,” he stated.

Nana said as part of efforts to ensure the government speeds up development, the chiefs have allocated a 30-acre land for the construction of a hospital.

“Initially the regional administration request for 15 acres but we gave them extra,” he said.

Request for university

The chief is, however, calling on the government to establish a university in the region to complete the circle of education in the region.

Education of nose masks

Nana Bianu said chiefs in the area have joined the Municipal Assembly in educating the people on the need to constantly wash their hands and wear nose masks as safety measures to fight the deadly coronavirus.

Base on this, “I personally distributed more than 2000 nose masks to the people of Dambai as one of the safety protocols in fighting Covid-19.”


Ghana/ Antoh