Member of Parliament for Adaklu and Minority spokesperson on Roads Kwame Governs Agbodzah has offered to pay for the publication of the audit report on Cocoa roads conducted by COCOBOD.

It comes after COCOBOD CEO Joseph Boahen Aidoo asked former President John Mahama and the NDC’s how his outfit is expected to publish the 260-page audit report which was done when the NPP assumed office.

“Nana, the audit report is ready and available at the COCOBOD head office, anyone who is interested can get a copy, it is surprising that a government that left over eight hundred million Ghana cedis debt is now asking for an audit report.”

However, Mr Agbodzah told Lantam Papanko on Starr Today “I am offering to pay daily graphic to push the full report of the Cocobod, I’m making this offer on your station.”

He went on “if it were to be another country, COCOBOD Chief Executive should be sacked by now. We are talking about a situation where this man in the company of the Vice-president [I respect the position of the vice-president] has become a duo of lies.”

“In 2017, this man appeared before the parliamentary select committee on roads and transport and said he’s got an interim report of which suggests that there were roads which never existed and projects were awarded, that contracts were inflated. And we are in 2020, he is telling you that they’ve done the report but the report is too much to be published.  wouldn’t you have told this man that the report on the commission of inquiry into the creation of the new region was 428 pages? it’s online.”

He added “go and tell the Cocobod CEO that Kwame Agbodzah says whichever medium he wants to publish the report I’ll pay personally. I’ll pay any internet provider or any website and media house who wants to publish the report to do so.”

Source: Ghana/