The second strongest man in Africa, Ghana’s Victor Kofi Owusu Ampofo alias Vandam has called on government and corporate organizations in the country to support the sport.

He mentioned finances, logistics, and ambassadorial deals as tools to help make the sport more lucrative.

The Fitrip GH athlete placed second at the recently-held edition of Africa Strongman held in South Africa, beating competition from representatives from all over the continent.

Speaking to, he said strongman is a lucrative sport just like formula one among others adding that it is very unfortunate our country hasn’t seen it yet and “I hope to see this change”.

He insisted that taking part in any of these would put Ghana on the map. “I hope to see more private companies shed some attention to this sport and provide brand ambassadorial deals. This would motivate others to join the sport and support those of us already in. Fitrip GH has supported me in this journey and I look forward to other gyms, companies, and organizations to do the same for other strongman athletes.”

When asked what his reaction was when he was picked to represent Ghana in SA he said “I had mixed feelings. I was glad I finally had the chance to travel outside of Ghana to compete in a real strongman competition with contestants from other countries but, this is the case I didn’t know the people I was going to compete with and most of the events were new to me.”

He mentioned that the experience was most solemnly. “It was a great experience. I met nice people with similar mindsets. Regardless of the fact that we were competing against each other, contestants cheered each other up, and the willingness to help another mate was surprising to me because it is not the same in Ghana. “

Vandam intimated that the competition really taught him to be tougher than he’s always been. Adding that he learned to trust his instincts and listen to his body. “This experience has helped me grow in this sport and for sure I’m going to use all that I learned to improve my skills.”

On the deficiencies in Ghana’s fitness sector as against other countries, the sportsman noted that “they have the equipment readily available and have the opportunity to use them whenever and wherever. This allows them to become used to the machines and improved their techniques – an advantage I did not have because I was unfamiliar with many of them.”

“In Ghana, thanks to Fitrip GH, we have some of the equipment which really helped me in my placing 2nd.”

He added “unlike Ghana that we perceive stout men as a menace, it’s a profession out there, people do this full time because they understand the sport. With the experience, I’ve come to the realization that the more I get serious, the higher and better I go and become. So I’m more serious and focused now, and with Fitrip I will surely take part in more international competitions with the ultimate being The World Strongest Man. Arnold’s Classic, South Africa 2021 in May and hopefully we shall take part.“

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