The Independent MP for Fomena and second deputy speaker Andrew Asiamah Amoako has officially written to the Speaker informing him that he will be doing business with the NPP caucus in parliament.

This comes as the two sides engaged in endless debates over who has the majority and is entitled to sit on the right side of the Speaker.

The NPP caucus has indicated that it will occupy the right side of the house by hook or crook on Friday when Parliament reconvenes.

The NDC caucus has also promised a showdown if their counterparts forcibly occupy the right side.

The entrenched positions taken by the two sides are raising concerns among many observers who fear would result in chaos in the house.

The letter dated January 13 read “I Andrew Asiamah Amoako an independent MP for Fomena constituency and now the second deputy speaker for the same parliament do hereby declare that I shall for purposes of transacting business in the house, associate with the NPP caucus in the 8th parliament.”

“For the avoidance of doubt, I do hereby affirm that I shall cooperate and collaborate with the NPP caucus in parliament,” it added.

Commenting on the development, Executive director of the Africa Center for Parliamentary Affairs Dr Rashid Draman told Starr News the two caucuses must continue engaging to save Ghanaians further embarrassments.

He noted “this is very sad because indeed if you look at what happened in the lead up to January 7 we have been calling for dialogue and consensus in line with what our president has said reputedly. It doesn’t look like what they say in public is consistent with what they do in private.”

He went on “There is no way that this issue of majority-minority will be resolved by looking at the laws alone. Because if you look at the standing orders, our standing orders are not made for this kind of situation, you look at the constitution the same thing.”

“So, I think the only way out of this for our MPS to save us further embarrassment, now that we have a speaker of parliament, I believe they have to keep a dialogue on till they find a decision before Friday. Because what they are saying are not empty threats, we are going to see a showdown and that will not speak very well of our parliament and all of us as Ghanaians,” he added.

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