Twitter announced during a presentation for analysts and investors, on Friday, its plans to introduce new features to the platform as part of its “what next” list.

This is coming a few months after Twitter joined other platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram on the ephemeral sharing train as it introduced the “Fleet” feature to encourage more people especially new users who hardly tweet, to express their thoughts more freely.

Now, the upcoming features will include a payment feature, called ‘Super Follows‘ that will enable users to give their followers access to extra content (like bonus tweets, newsletter subscription, or a badge) at a cost price, and the ‘Communities‘ feature where people with similar interests can create and join groups.

The Community feature is similar to Facebook groups and can come in really handy for new Twitter subscribers as a lot of people find navigating the platform a bit difficult. The direct payment feature (Super Follows) has also been successful on various social platforms including Facebook and YouTube as it enables creators and publishers to get direct payment from their fans.

According to The Verge, Twitter will get a fraction of these charges, although the exact amount or launch date is yet to be revealed.

Source: Ghana/ Arthur