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Education Minister Dr. Yaw Adutwum has disclosed that consultations are ongoing aimed at revising school rules to address matters as relates to the admission of Rastafarian students.

According to him, the Achimota School has over the years been a school of inclusion.

Speaking on the floor of parliament Thursday, Dr Adutwum called for calm nerves in addressing the admission standoff.

He said “Achimota has been a beacon of hope for many young men and women. Achimota has been designed by its history of inclusion. Achimota is the school that travels around the length and breadth of Ghana to pick students. And they have a story to tell of how Achimota trained them and made them leaders who have led this country and led their families, led their communities, and have done a fantastic job in various professions. Achimota is defined by a history of inclusion and a history that has given hope to many as I have said.”

He went on “Mr Speaker, the GES provides an opportunity for all students to blossom and to have quality education. I understand the argument that is raging in this country. I can understand where everyone is coming from in terms of the convictions that they have for or against the debate that we are talking about.”

“But Mr Speaker, I assure you the GES, within the shortest possible time is going to lay down specific guidelines for heads of schools as to how we proceed in this environment. Meetings have been had, others are ongoing, the ministry is facilitating to make sure that our students operate in an environment where they give off their best, not just to themselves but to the state.”

He ended “I can assure that the ministry is not sleeping. The ministry is on top of this and we’ll come to a conclusion that Ghanaians will respect.”

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