Building a solid company from scratch is no joke, but Ghanaian entrepreneur and Business Consultant, Derrick S. Vormawor has compiled important tools, strategies and concepts to help entrepreneurs to build their businesses from the bottom up in the best way possible.

Having released his new book SHOOT ‘EM DOWN, on 2nd March 2021, Derrick has already received massive and positive reviews which goes on to affirm that, the target audience for the book actually needed it and have appreciated what is in there.

Derrick again expressed that one of the challenges for writing the book from 2018 till 2020 was simplifying complex business concepts and tools in a way that readers can best understand and implement in their businesses. Hence, the book has practical tips, exercises, and real case studies for readers to relate with.

One of the most profound things captured in the book was the Business Model Map which makes it easier for entrepreneurs to model their businesses and convert their business ideas into actual companies. Another helpful chapter identified was the chapter which showed a practical experience Derrick shared when it comes to building a solid team from scratch. The book which has 7 chapters also includes the business model map, managing basic business crisis, and how to build business collaborations and partnerships. Overall, the book speaks to the African context of business in view of challenges, opportunities and the leadership mindset.

Derrick who is an outstanding Entrepreneur currently based in Germany; The CEO & Lead Consultant of Platinum Africa Solutions Limited (, an International Marketing Strategists, Author and Speaker lives his life and runs his business as proof that African entrepreneurs can also succeed if only they follow business principles and develop the right attitude to it.

‘Shoot Em Down’ is certainly a must-have for every African entrepreneur and most importantly because it is a practical resource from an author who practices what he teaches and is a living proof of consistency.

Derrick is committed to helping African entrepreneurs navigate through challenges and still achieve their vision.  Back in Germany, He consults for Black-owned businesses with the aim of helping them to succeed both in Germany and in Africa. He is also the consultant behind several successful startups and businesses in Ghana like Black and Phamous clothing, My Story Magazine, PGEES Kitchen, Exor Mines, among others in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. In 2019, He was named among the Top 100 Speakers in Ghana, and ever since has been remarkable at touching lives, teaching entrepreneurs across the globe, and helping businesses survive in various markets.