The Minister of Youth and Sports minister, Mustafa Yusif has revealed that he is developing a plan for the upgrade of the Winneba Sports College following a report on the state of the facility by Starr Sports.

Starr Sports recently reported on the current state of the National Sports College at Winneba which has been converted into a Guest House and a hostel due to the Government’s neglect of the facility over the years.

The edifice has over the years not seen any renovation works hence losing its relevance.

In an interview with the Minister of Sports, on the state of the facility, he stated that he will address the media when his plan for the facility is fully developed.

“I don’t have anything to say to you on the facility now, When I am ready, I will inform the media about my plans for the Winneba Sports College. I can’t say anything to you,” he told the Starr Sports team. Yamoah