When you’re small fish in a big pond, every day you have to rely on your wits, resourcefulness, and cunning just to survive. That’s the reality of many small-businesses in today’s corporate landscape, particularly in a post-pandemic world. Fortunately, they have individuals like Mervik Haums on their side to help them navigate any pitfalls and compete on a level playing field.

The founder of Startup Fortune explained, “Unless you’ve been there, it’s hard to understand the struggles small businesses endure. Big and established brands have both investment and numbers on their side. They can utilize teams of experienced professionals to create the most effective marketing and advertising campaigns, and they have the wallet and the connections to saturate all forms of media with those strategies. As a small business, it’s a constant fight to have your voice heard in the white noise of a fiercely competitive marketplace, but it can be done”

Founded in 2018 Startup Fortune is a global platform that brings entrepreneurs together from all over the globe and allows them to learn, share and collaborate. They have proved past masters in equipping small businesses and entrepreneurs with the tools not just to survive but to flourish. Mervik and his company have proved a god-send to those with limited marketing skills and threadbare resources.

“If I believe in anything I believe in the equality of opportunity,” explained Mervik Haums. “There are so many start-ups with innovative and great ideas that could make a difference to the world, but they lack the insider knowledge or are unable to connect with the right investors or mentor to allow their brand to blossom.”

Mervik Haums added, “At Startup Fortune, we believe ambition and ideas should be encouraged for the good of the world as a whole. By providing small businesses with the guides, training, knowledge, and contact they need, we’re confident that one day they’ll become big businesses and return the favor to other start-ups.”