6th April 2021.

FOODSTUFFS                      After Easter                      Before Easter             

1.A tuber of yam                      Gh16-17                  Gh10-8               INCREASED

2.Cassava                                       GH2,5,10                  GH20,15,10        DECREASED

COMMENT: The drastic change in the price is due to a good plantain season

3.Plantain stem                      GH40                          GH25                    INCREASED

COMMENTS: change in price is a result of the Easter celebration

4.Maize (olonka)                  GH7                             GH7                      UNCHANGED

COMMENTS: Remain unchanged.

5.Gari (olonka)                    GH12                           GH15,20               DECREASED

COMMENTS:  The old price was due to the surge in covid cases

6.Beans (olonka)                  GH13                         GH18, 20,24         DECREASED

COMMENTS: Season of beans

7.Garden eggs                     GH10                           GH5                      INCREASED

COMMENTS:  A good season

8.Onions (olonko)              GH30                              GH15                 INCREASED

COMMENTS: Due to Stock unavailability

9.Tomatoes (olonka)      GH50, 25                       GH40,25             INCREASED

  1. Pepper (olonka) GH10             GH5                    INCREASED

11.i. Dry Mackerel            GH10                              GH8                    INCREASED

  1. Herrings (Amane)  GH20,60                      GH15,50             INCREASED
  2. Palm oil (bottles) GH4,5 GH6,8                 DECREASED
  3. 1 litre gallon GH40 GH50,70            DECREASED


Source: Ghana/Starrfm.com.gh