King Palm is a revolutionary company in the smoking industry, born out of the necessity for better, more innovative products. As customers become more aware of the products they use and how each element affects their health, the demand for organic supplies increases. In response, King Palm set out to create a brand new, natural leaf wrap that would make smoking a breeze. The wrap is ideal for those who aren’t able to roll their own blunts or simply don’t want to engage in the tedious process of doing so.

The idea first originated around 2012 when the King Palm founders realized that the industry could be providing much better products. They began doing extensive research and established a factory in Southeast Asia and partnered with local farmers in order to produce the brand new product. The King Palm wrap was very different from the competition, as it is effortless to use and uses only natural ingredients. “We didn’t want any artificial additives in our products, which is why we focused on research for a very long time. Our hand-rolled leaf is easy to pack, and we provide a bamboo stick that helps you pack it as tightly as possible. We have a pre-installed corn husk filter, and we’ve added a flavor ball that customers can squeeze and pop for an enhanced flavor,” a member of the team shares.

Product quality is a top priority at King Palm, and the company never cuts corners. “We aren’t afraid to do things differently in the industry, which gives us a lot more flexibility when it comes to product design and function,” the team member comments. While the competition provided packing tools made of plastic, King Palm chose to invest more and use bamboo, instead. Innovation is an ongoing process, and in 2020 they also launched their flavor line, which has been a massive success.

Business has been booming for King Palm. In 2017, they had so many back orders that the demand they had to cover was $2.5 million in product. Then, in 2018, sales began growing even faster, by up to 40% per year. The growth served as proof that customers no longer wanted products that included tobacco and harmful additives. Instead, they preferred a more natural alternative. King Palm was able to supply that demand with its signature green roll and black band, which was received incredibly well by their growing audience of customers who have turned into fans.

King Palm has been able to grow so quickly and enjoy this level of success precisely because they put the customer first. The very reason they differ from the competition is that they invest a great deal of time and money into the process of improving products continuously, and that doesn’t go unnoticed; King Palm’s customers can’t get enough and are excitedly anticipating each new product that the company launches.